A CRM system for BASE customer support







UI Design


Feb/March 2018

Project Overview


Pega CRM is an enterprise customer support application chosen by the Belgium telecom provider Base. The Pega application provides a single, unified, familiar interface for Base customer service employees. It anticipates customer needs, and automates or intelligently guides each step of customer interactions, across any channel, to rapidly and continuously evolve Base customer service experience.

/The Brief

The brief for this project was to reflect the Base customer support requirements into the PEGA CRM while also considering the migration of the already implemented functionalities from an older version CRM system called NetCracker.

/An Agile framework

The team has worked under an Agile framework by prioritising the features needed into epics and stories so we can always keep track of our progress. Along with frequent stand-ups and review sessions we've also used collaboration tools such as Confluence and Jira to communicate with our remote dev team.

/Design and iterate

The Pega design system offers a massive library of components to customise your CRM system. My role was to design different user journeys using existing components and also check feasibility with the dev team.

/General architecture

/Task IA

In store, online or a direct phone call, Base customers have multiple points of interactions and PEGA has to be the platform offering solutions to all the customer enquiries.
The customer support representatives register a numbers of service items (Tasks) for each enquiry such as:
- Order management
- Billing
- Packages and subscriptions
- Customer information management
- Customer product and service


Customer 360 represents the  general overview of the customer. The dashboard provides relevant account detail, interaction history across channels, open and recent service requests. Customer information is also dynamically displayed based on the customer context and current situation.


During a live customer interaction the agent must select “Add task” to open the task list. Once a task (or tasks) have been selected the agent launches the task(s). All tasks (depending on intent, agent capability etc) are presented consistently regardless of the tab. The customer representative is also presented with an overview of the customer history, details and products.


PEGA 360 platform offers the customer support representatives all the tools needed to file a ticket when interacting with a customer

/Defining reusable components

Working on such a large scale project all the components had to be defined to reflect different business needs.
The components library consisted from reusable molecules and organisms that worked across all products and platforms.